Dubious Animals

Cigar-Smoking-GiraffeRecently I’ve run into more than a few animals with different things on their minds. Food, of course was one of them, and cake was at the top of the list. Well of course it is, since it’s at the top of everyone’s list, that is, if they’re normal. I will admit there’s a lot of abnormality going on today. But that discussion is for another time.
As you can see the flamingos are quite flamboyant, they’re hot, hot, hot, and they know it. The bears are never satisfied (remember Yogi? One picnic basket was never enough.), the lions are annoyed but hungry, the wolf was hungry too, the pigeons are socialists…they’re always looking for a free lunch, and the giraffe has jumped on to the health craze bandwagon. I think he may have gotten the message a bit jumbled though. Switching from cigarettes to cigars might confuse some people. But I have to agree, cigars make you feel pretty good, and they smell great. Not everyone would agree with that, but a lot of us would. Lot’s of people would agree that marijuana is good and should be legalized. Just ask any stoner, in one of their more lucid moments of course. They’ll tell you all the benefits. But it does tend to crap-up their brains, but that’s okay, there might not have been too much there anyway, we really don’t know, at least, not anymore. So for them it’s okay to short-circuit their brain just not screw up their mouth or lungs (although that may happen anyway). Some organs are apparently more valued than others to different people. We are a strange lot, everybody likes different things.
But society has decided to frown on certain substances, it’s like a religion. You must agree or they ostracize you, it’s like excommunication.
But does this giraffe care? No. We should learn a lot from him. Who are these people that decide for all of us what is acceptable? Where did they get the authority to tell us what to eat, drink, smoke, or raise our children? And most importantly, why did we allow them to have this authority when clearly we’re disturbed about it?
We may never know the answers.Hot-Flamingo 1 Hot-Flamingo-2 Hungry-Bear Hungry-Wolf Lunchtime-For-Pigeons Sleeping-Lion Watching-Lions

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    1. Right. I used to work at IHOP. We had an obese lady come in regularly that had a huge plate of pancakes and 7 or more gobs of butter and then ask for Sweet and Low for her coffee. Major disconnect. Should we laugh or cry? Don’t know.

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