Fish Know How To Stay Calm

Keep-Calm-Fish-CardFish are calm, everyone knows that. Have you ever seen a fish that wasn’t calm? No. Unless of course you count ones that caught a fungus or some other disease and they start gasping for air. That’s probably unpleasant. And then of course there’s the wild ones in the ocean that have some big, mama-jama monster predator looking for a lunch rich in omega oils. They may get little excited. And then there are the ones caught by fishermen trying to delight us with the joys of eating healthy. But even then, they don’t get half as excited as other animals in the same predicament.
I wonder what their secret is. Some special calming gene that researchers haven’t found yet. I’m sure they’re looking real hard. They probably petitioned the government for my hard earned money again. The government knows how to put my tax dollars to work much better than I do. They make them work like they were in some prison camp doing hard time. But I digress.
In the meantime, at least the researchers did come up with Valium, and that’s not a bad substitute for now.
It’s very calming.

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