Always Going Somewhere

Stairs UpwardsWe’re always going places. Paths and stairs are cool. Makes you wonder whats up there or around the corner. I’d say to myself “What up those stairs?” Or something like that. Sometimes a friend, sometimes someone you don’t want to see. If that’s the case, you don’t want to use a train, you want to go real slow. But we all know about going into the woods alone, those paths can be dangerous. Even though they are so inviting, you’ve got to beware. There’s “things”, creatures, in the woods that you don’t want to run into. Like rabbits.
Rabbits have been getting a little uppity these days. They’re tired of being hunted. Well aren’t we all. (Did I tell you a giant rabbit tried to kill me once? Well it did. It wasn’t very nice and scared me. My father looked all over for it but couldn’t find it, he must have been blind since it was huge. In any case, there was a lot of snickering the next morning at breakfast. I didn’t think it was very funny.)
So anyway, I’ve heard of scary rabbits taking matters into their owns paws. Just be careful if you go into the woods alone no matter how cool the path looks. I don’t want to lose any followers, they generally put up some really cool photographs.Stump-On-Path Stone-Stairs Easton-Bridge-1 Bridge-Walkway Train Train-TracksTerrorist-Rabbit

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    1. Thanks Indah. Yes the rabbits hide, and they’re almost as dangerous as politicians (you know what I think of them). But at least the rabbits are cute.

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