Men At Work

Pittston-Wire-Men-1Many of the older towns in Pennsylvania are trying desperately to revive. Rebuilding, sculpting, and painting lots of murals is very common these days.
In Wilkes Barre and Pittston we found these very agile wire men. In Wilkes Barre they were busy scaling this building. And why not? It’s there so “Hey look, a building. Let’s climb it.”
In Pittston they were doing a high wire act and putting on quite a show. On one side of the street they were doing acrobatics on the building. They were connected by wire to their partners balancing on a box of wire tomatoes on the other side of the street. Of course it’s tomatoes because Pittston is the Tomato Capital of the World, and don’t even try to argue the title with them.
The artist is Sean Brady of Pennsylvania. His work makes these towns look great and alive.
Here’s some information on Sean Brady.Pittston-Wire-Men-2 Pittston-Wire-Men-3 Pittston-Wire-Men-4 Wilkes-Barre-Wire-2 Wilkes-Barre-Wire-3 Wilkes-Barre-Wire-4 Wilkes-Barre-Wire-Men-1 Wilkes-Barre-Wire-Men-5

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