What’s The Secret To Happiness?

Cigar-Smoking-Goldfish-CardAs I’ve explained before, I’ve learned a lot from my fish over the years.
These fish are really living it up. Happy, happy all of the time. The president must be right, the economy is going great. You can tell, because that’s no cheap cigar he’s got there. It’s a Cuban. We can go down there now and visit Fidel. He’s doesn’t kill that many people anymore because he’s old, so he’s pretty tired. We don’t have to worry too much. A little, but not too much. Now if you tried to break into Mexico, that’s another story. They want our jobs but that’s it. Break in there and you may never be seen again, at least by us.
But Cuba is different. We can take lot’s pictures of the old cars, the Hollywood crowd thinks they’re cool. They also think dictators and revolutionaries are cool too, you know, like Che and Fidel. They don’t mind Marxists killing people with guns, they just don’t like Americans defending themselves with guns. Sometimes you just can’t figure people out. But I digress.
In any case, my very cool aquatic friend tells us why he’s so happy all of the time.
Doesn’t he look happy? What a smile.
“The secret to happiness is easy:
good food, a bottle of wine, and a fine cigar.”
And sometimes a little Valium helps.
We could all learn a lot from a fish that smokes cigars.

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