One Major Snowfall But Lasting Ice

Snowy-Resica-Falls-1Last couple of years we were creamed with snow. This year only one good one so far. Tomorrow we may get some, but not much. So, we have a lot of brown all over the place. Now, I like brown. I have brown shoes, brown pants, brown is okay, generally. But trees suck when all there is brown. White on brown, is good, that would happen if it would SNOW! Which it hasn’t been doing. But according to Punxsutawney Phil, there may be an early Spring. Then we would have green and brown, which doesn’t look as good together on shoes and pants, but looks great on trees. But Phil only has a 39% correct record of prognosticating. And when we first moved to Pennsylvania there were a couple of whoppers (not the burger) late in the season (but you can have real Whoppers any time of year, and I do).
In any case Resica Falls in Pennsylvania still had a lot of ice, which always looks cool.Snowy-Resica-Falls-2 Snowy-Resica-Falls-3 Snowy-Resica-Falls-4 Snowy-Resica-Falls-5 Snowy-Resica-Falls-6 Snowy-Resica-Falls-7

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