The Mystery Of The Iron Furnaces Exposed

Iron-Furnaces-1This is where they “supposedly” made iron to build America. Well don’t you believe it. This is where they cook people that don’t cooperate with the government. They want us to believe that our missing people just wandered off one day because they’re crazy, or maybe abducted by aliens (notice how the government keeps those myths surrounding Project Blue Book and Area 51 going). Well they may be crazy but that’s because the government’s been controlling our food supply and injecting it with crazy genes. So, yeah, some of us are feeling a little loose these days.
But some detective-types found out about this covert operation. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ALL supplied by the schools? Why? Do you notice all of the green in them? What’s with the fascination with green? Not everyone likes green, I’m Irish and frankly I’m sick of green. These government “meals” have modified our brain cells.
Did you ever wonder where it all comes from? Well it isn’t from Michele Obama’s garden I can tell you that.
Here’s the dirty little secret, it came from these so-called iron furnaces. Well, at least it used to be a secret, but with Hillary blasting out emails from her basement server the Chinese surely must know about it by now.
Is this place ominous looking or what?
When they catch the “crazy” people they’re dragged into this scary tunnel to be “dealt with”. They bring them down, deep down the long tunnel to the place of “the rock”. Yeah, rock my ass. It’s a stove. They strap people on these rocks and cook them into something like Soylent Green. The rocks are from another universe of course. Everyone knows that the government is from another universe. None of them are normal.
Look at the residue, look at the green stuff all over the place. That’s why it’s called a “Construction Area”. The sign is a ruse that deceives the outside normal world into staying out.
See that white stuff dripping? It looks like icicles but it’s not. It’s people-goo. First it’s white and then turns green.
Some of the captured people have stupidly tried to run, but how could they escape this maze of death. You can see their goo has stained the walls that it dripped on. It’s so permanent the rain can’t even wash it off. But where could they go anyway? There’s nowhere to run to, there’s nowhere to hide. Scranton is a government town and zombies live there. And the need for this kind of goo is enormous. The glues you see offered on TV infomercials that hold the heaviest things together are not some super epoxy. That’s a ruse too. It’s Human Goo. It’s super strong and very versatile.
See those two unsuspecting idiots in the last photograph admiring the structure so…so, unsuspecting. I turned away for a moment and they were gone. They’ve probably been cooked by now.
This place is spooky. People say there are ghosts here and you can hear voices. We got some pictures for evidence and then got the hell out of there as fast as we could.Iron-Furnaces-2 Iron-Furnaces-3 Iron-Furnaces-4 Iron-Furnaces-5 Iron-Furnaces-6 Iron-Furnaces-7 Iron-Furnaces-8 Iron-Furnaces-9 Iron-Furnaces-10 Iron-Furnaces-11 Iron-Furnaces-12 Iron-Furnaces-13

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