Hickory-Run-Snowfall-1Well, it took a while coming this year but when it did it sure made up for the lost time. We got 15 inches, a short ride north only got an inch, but just a few minutes south of us were whacked. Over 30 inches and further south worse. I have no idea where they can put all of that snow. A lot of the towns in Pennsylvania are old and many of the streets are barely more than alleys. Their cars are buried and will stay that way for a while.
We got out Sunday and took some good pictures in Hickory Run State Park. I would have liked to go to more spots but the roads sucked, really. So at this point my bravery level was a bit low. They better get everything cleared quickly though, since tourism for skiing is practically the only industry around here. A lot of people came before it started so they were ready to get on the slopes right away. We have a number of ski resorts in the area. They should be able to make up for the loss of revenue soon.Hickory-Run-Snowfall-2 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-3 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-4 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-5 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-6 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-7 Hickory-Run-Snowfall-8

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