Walk Through Scranton

Scranton-1Recently we visited Scranton a couple of times. Here’s the first group of photographs. There’s a lot of old and new mixed in together. Of course the government buildings are always beautiful. They like to work in style. At least we know where our money goes.Scranton-2 Scranton-3 Scranton-4 Scranton-5 Scranton-6 Scranton-7 Scranton-8 Scranton-9 Scranton-10 Scranton-11 Scranton-12 Scranton-13 Scranton-14

4 thoughts on “Walk Through Scranton

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  1. Great images! I love especially the reflection window. Big smile on your first opening paragraph..i wonder as well, the government offices in the Netherlands also located in awesome buildings. At least they had to maintain them properly!

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