Into The Woods

Woods-1What evil lurks within? We don’t know.
But it was a thick woods, thicker than normal. There are lot’s of normal woods, somewhere, but not here. These were thick. We knew there would trouble. We warned this guy, “Don’t go in!” But he didn’t listen. He swore up and down he’d never been lost before. Never? That’s what he said. So we watched him go, knowing this may be the last time we would see him alive.
But we’ve heard that no one has beat the woods yet. It’s all a trap. It’s a maze. Enter in and you never find your way home again. It’s like some maniacal maniac plotted out this maze. Was he still around waiting for…victims? Where would he take them? What would he do to them?
We were worried so we followed him in. But being not quite as stupid we left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow out. We read about doing that in a book once and it seemed to work pretty well. Two little kids escaped a very bad person that wanted to cook them!?!? (Sheish! You don’t hear about that too often, thankfully.) But they followed their breadcrumbs and made it back home again. So we did this too.Woods-2Woods-3Woods-4
We followed this brave but stupid soul through the maze to the waterfalls. It was as if he was taunting nature. “It’s there and I’m here.” Nothing’s going to happen so he thought. And he kept going. So confident. What an idiot!Hiking-1 Hiking-2 Hiking-3 Hiking-4

Then we saw it. Terror struck our hearts. He was far ahead of us and we didn’t see him enter in. A true house of horrors. People say you can hear screams coming from it at night, if the wind is right. Of course they could be aliens trying to scare us off of their turf. We just don’t know. We hustled back out following our bread crumbs and hoping nothing will eat us on the way. We weren’t worried that they would eat our breadcrumbs because we have Lifelock.
But we never did see that guy again.Horror-House-1 Horror-House-2

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