Seven Tubbs In Pennsylvania

Seven-Tubbs-1Seven Tubbs Natural Area is a cool mini canyon just north of Wilkes Barre. The gorge has “tubbs” formed in the rock walls. It’s also a great hiking area. I understand bears make an appearance from time to time, but I’ve never seen one, thank God, I think. I’d like a picture of a bear, but I really was out on the cliff, literally, for some of these shots, and it’s a long ways down. I think you’d probably break your neck before you hit the water, since it’s a thin gorge. So meeting up with a bear probably would not make my day. Unless it was Yogi. He was pretty cool, not dangerous, and he could be bribed with food, anything that’s picnic baskety-type stuff. Although I never got the impression he was fussy.
In any case, if you like the outdoors, you’ll enjoy visiting the Tubbs.Seven-Tubbs-2 Seven-Tubbs-3 Seven-Tubbs-4 Seven-Tubbs-5 Seven-Tubbs-6 Seven-Tubbs-7 Seven-Tubbs-8 Seven-Tubbs-9 Seven-Tubbs-10 Seven-Tubbs-11 Seven-Tubbs-12 Seven-Tubbs-13

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