Christmas City Bethlehem Lights Up

Bethlehem-Christmas-TreeOkay, it was a Christmas Tree lighting, and that’s nice, but I did expect more. For some reason, I thought there was going to be bands and a big celebration. I have no idea where I read that, but I was wrong. Maybe I just wished and wished soooo hard that it would happen, but once again it was only dream. At least they prayed and thanked our Father in heaven for the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Someone will sue them for that soon. But not yet.
The tree was nice, the cops looked cool on their horses that were dressed for Christmas in reindeer gear, the buggy horses were in such a rush to get there they wouldn’t even stop for a photo so that all I got were their butts, the sky was also lit up, and the lights below us on the highway looked pretty good too.
But then I met this scary man while leaving Bethlehem. He apparently didn’t get the memo about the celebration. But the government was on top of it and put out this warning for the public. It’s good that they’re watching out for us. Where would we be if they weren’t watching out for us, or is it watching us? They certainly aren’t watching the bad guys these days. Oh, I know, I should be nice, it’s Christmas time and all. But really, if I did my job the way the government does their job, I’d be fired. Instead we say, “Here take all of my money, forever! What do I care about where it goes.” Oh, and “We will submit to you, oh wise ones!”
I know, that wasn’t very Christmassy. But that’s the best I can do right now.Bethlehem-Cops-1 Bethlehem-Cops-2Buggy-HorsesBethlehem-Christmas-SkyBethlehem-Sky-2Bethlehem-at-Night-2Bethlehem-at-Night-AScary-Man

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