All Things Must Die

Wilkes-Barre-Bridge-1Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania is old, really old. They’re trying to revive, but it’s a real battle. It used to be better off when coal was being produced in abundance, but not so much now. Coal is one of the new boogymen that people live on, but pretend they don’t. There is also a lot of crime in this old town.
But I like coming here. I like old rundown buildings and I like seeing the city try to come back to life. Pittston is doing the same thing. It’s always a great find for me when I come across a rundown structure with a glorious church overshadowing it. This old decaying bridge is a picture of us. We are decaying, passing away, dying. Death comes to all of us and because all have sinned. All are born in sin, so that’s what we do, and we’re good at it. Simple observation shows us that. But behind the dying bridge stands a magnificent church beaming out the promise of Christ and the hope of the resurrection soon to come.
Death comes to all, but God forgives all. No sin is so great that Christ did not pay for it when He died on the cross. Because of this unfathomable sacrifice of God paying for the sin of man, He has been reconciled to us already, and calls to us in Christ, to be reconciled to Him.
I don’t know if this beautiful church stills preaches Christ was crucified for all mankind or not, but I hope it does.Wilkes-Barre-Bridge-2 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-1 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-2 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-3 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-4 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-5 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-6 Wilkes-Barre-Old-Building-7

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