End Of Autumn At Austin Blakeslee Natural Area

Austin-Blakeslee-1As usual Austin Blakeslee did not disappoint this Fall season. I managed to get this cool fisherman that really appreciated me hanging around. No, not really. But he did add something to the photograph.
I was almost too late. The ugly stick monsters had already started to arrive. The only time they look good is covered in ice, but then it’s hard to get out without killing yourself. That will be here soon enough.
There was this cool looking leaf drain, that’s where leaves go when they die, right down the drain. Like this. And they wait until the awful leaf-eating monster sucks them out completely sending them into yesterday. (Remember the Langoliers? Creepy! They’d have a field day with all of this dead stuff.) They float right past the fisherman trying to catch something to eat. But they are colorful on their way into oblivion.Austin-Blakeslee-2 Austin-Blakeslee-Fisherman-1 Austin-Blakeslee-Leaf-Drain-1 Austin-Blakeslee-Leaf-Drain-2 Austin-Blakeslee-Leaf

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