Rudeness At The Boring Zoo

Rude-GiraffesWell these two aren’t very nice. It’s bad enough we had to travel two hours to get to a zoo that had almost no animals, but the ones they did have, had bad attitudes. Where could they have picked up such unseemly behavior? Hmmm…
Yes, these giraffes were rude, but not as rude as camels are, and they weren’t here this day. So nothing spit at us.
Leading up to the zoo we walked under a bridge that had some cool artwork on the pillars and walls. They also had a hippo greeter; hope Walmart doesn’t get any bright ideas.Bridge-To-Zoo Hippo-Art
We then ran into a few other visitors that also seemed a little disappointed with the zoo this day as well. Maybe they weren’t satisfied with the cuisine. Look at that scowl on that sparrow. For someone that can fly anywhere it wants, it certainly seems perturbed.

Peacock Sparrow-1Sparrow-2
We met up with some irate inmates. Apparently they like privacy. But I’ve noticed a pattern in this zoo. Clinical Crankiness! I can relate to that, BECAUSE I DROVE TWO HOURS AND THERE WERE HARDLY ANY ANIMALS! I was just a tad cranky diving home.Emus
After that we met the Pot Guardians (or maybe they’re the guardians of the pot, who knows). Colorful. But if they’re the guardians of the pot that would explain their vibrance (Oooo, look at all of the flashing pretty lights!).Pot-Guardians
We saw a cool bear through the looking-glass and bears that looked like they were made from spark plugs or something like that.Looking-Glass-Bear Spark-Plug-Bear
The leaves were artistic.Colorful-Leaves
The hippos were bored and the zebras had enough and left for greener pastures.Dreaming-HipposZebras

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