Monkeying Around

Gorilla-1You’ve heard of the brass monkey. Well this isn’t it.
Look at this guy, he looks like some kind of Buddha, except in cardboard. I really liked the cardboard since it reminded me of a sculpture I made in art school of a foot. It was made up of a bunch of cut up cardboard pieces, came out great and got rave reviews. Unfortunately when we were moving to Pennsylvania, and packing at the same time as putting out boxes of junk for garbage pickup, I put the wrong box out. I didn’t realize it until later after settling into our new home. Yeah, it was gone. Oh well, can’t do anything about it now. But the cardboard gorilla brought it all back to haunt me.
There were a couple of real gorillas there but they looked like they did not want to be disturbed.Gorilla-2 Gorilla-3 Gorilla-4
Then around the corner we found these clowns doing…well…monkey business. It doesn’t take much to amuse some creatures. They certainly were having a good time, they’re having more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Blankets, barrels, what’s the difference. (On an aside, a guy just opened a barrel store near me, just barrels, that’s it. Is there really a big demand for barrels? I never knew that. Would they get a lot of repeat customers? Hmm… Maybe if they were science teachers like Walter White. But other than that, I don’t know.)
Anyway this may be a literal example of money see, monkey do.Chimpanzee-1 Chimpanzee-2 Chimpanzee-3 Chimpanzee-4 Chimpanzee-5Chimpanzee-6
One complaint: I drove 2 hours to get to this zoo and it had almost no animals. What the heck happen? I’m not a big fan of zoos, but I like animals, just not in small spaces. I’m also not a fan of getting ripped off. If they advertise that they’re a Zoo, at the very least that requires animals, I would think, but I’m not very bright. Otherwise it was a nice walk in the park. But I wouldn’t drive 2 hours for a nice walk in the park. So I do not have high praise for the Philadelphia Zoo today. I would like my money back, but that probably would never happen.
I’ll have more on the zoo in the next installment of my annoyance, and I’ll bet you can’t wait.

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