Down On The Bottom

Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-1Well, sort of on the bottom.
We went to Francis E. Walter Dam in north-east Pennsylvania recently.
Bare as a bone.
Really, really empty.
Down to it’s last drop.
Bottomless pit.
It was pretty low on water.
We could go almost all the way down to the bottom, but after a certain point it was very muddy and we were afraid we might sink through to China, so we only went so far. They must have let all the water out for the whitewater rafting events. Unless we get substantial rain it will be like this for a while.
From this vantage point, looking up at the large boulders that usually are under water, look huge, like we were in a canyon, sorta, kinda, well I like to pretend.
I’ve include an older shot from wetter days for comparison.Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-2 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-3 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-4 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-5 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-6 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-7 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-8 Francis-E.-Walter-Dam-9 Path-to-Dam

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