Jim Thorpe In Fall Colors

Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-1Jim Thorpe is slightly south and in the valley from where I live. Their color came a bit later than us. First I went there a little too early and there was almost no color yet. But there was one blazing orange tree at Aza Packer’s Mansion. You could see it from the parking lot down in town.
I went back a few weeks later and the color came and left almost just as fast. The blazing tree was bare, so it was good that I went early after all.
One thing about Jim Thorpe and other towns in PA is, they are old. As they were built up, wires on top of wires appeared. There so many quaint places but they’re covered in wires. Some I can remove but in some photos there were too many. But despite the wires the colors were beautiful.
And of course even with all this beauty, still there was a grumbler. There’s one in every crowd. They just can’t be pleased. But he does seem to have a heavy load on his back.

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Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-2Autumn-Yellow-LeavesJim-Thorpe-In-Fall-3Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-4Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-5Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-6Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-7Jim-Thorpe-In-Fall-8Mauch-Chunk-LakeSteeple-and-Yellow-LeavesMan From Jim Thorpe

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