Halloween Spooks In Jim Thorpe

Halloween-1Jim Thorpe had lot’s of visitors this season. I always meet the coolest folks when I visit there.
Here we have a very generous Zombie offering us a lovely treat for Halloween. But it seems to be an unwilling treat. Zombies are big on eating fresh. It’s very popular today.

Some people will do anything to be famous. It’s such a “selfie” age, people really like getting noticed.Halloween-2
Some people really can’t control their liquor, or pot as the case may be.Halloween-3
Ever notice how some people really go overboard on that “health” thing? Some can be so obnoxious pushing health down our throats. Can’t they?Halloween-4
With all the cameras around and the government’s invasiveness, I think we can be very sure that we’re being watched. So this fellow may be correct in assuming this feeling. And many of us are fully convinced that the government is full of zombies anyway. And who could prove us wrong, hmmm?Halloween-5
Ever notice how all of the “beautiful people” get all of the treats and sweets, and jobs and all kinds of cool gifts? Well this guy caught on.Halloween-6
Zombies only like fresh, living brains, so if you or your friends don’t have any…you’re safe.Halloween-7
Can you ever really trust a witch? They have very bad reputations for poisoning people. And yet, some would call that discrimination. “Please don’t poison me!” “Oh, that’s so mean!”
It’s a crazy world today.Halloween-8

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