Raymondskill Falls Was Really Falling

Raymondskill-Falls-1We went to Raymondskill Falls right after a major rain. I was surprised I got any photographs at all since there was so much mist, I could hardly see. The color was barely starting but the water was pounding and the wind was blowing, no, it was howling. It was great to see it flowing so hard. Too often the waterfalls in my area are dry and barely dripping.
I thought the top rock was cool and looked like a lizard’s head. All it needs is a tongue coming out of it’s mouth, or teeth and a stern look. Lizards are very stern looking, like they’re about to scold you or maybe eat you. Scary, like this:Raymondskill-Dragon
Now tell me that’s not what you REALLY saw on that rock. You know it is, and I’m just giving voice to the thoughts of the masses. No need to thank me.
It’s too late to go back now, once the color came, it went just as fast. Of course even if I made the trip again it probably wouldn’t be flowing so hard.
Have you ever noticed how it’s difficult to be in more than one place at a time? That really bothers me. If only our society went with jet packs instead of cars I could do it, well, not really, but almost. And just imagine how great it would be for our backs. It would be difficult to do food shopping of course, so we would have a few kinks to work out. But I would be able to get to all the waterfalls in the area in a short time frame. If only the powers that be had consulted me, but they just never do.
Oh well.
In any case the waterfalls were beautiful. And notice the top rock. From this view it looks like an alligator. Now, they may really eat you.

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Raymondskill-Falls-2 Raymondskill-Falls-3

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