Hickory Run Blazing In The Fall

Scary-RocksNot much water or color when we were at Hickory Run the first time this fall, we were a bit too early. But the next time the color was stupendous but not much water. And we found a lot of cool stuff. There were a lot of scary holes. This one needed something so I added what everyone knows is inside. Go ahead, just try to prove me wrong. You know there is something inside. Be very afraid of dark holes and BEWARE OF CATS!Hawk-Falls-Drip-1 Hawk-Falls-Drip-2Hickory-Run
We found tree hair, it’s late in the year and many trees need hair cuts. Some trees just can not keep up with appearances.Tree-Hair
Then another scary hole in the woods, it was beckoning me but I’m no dummy not after the scary rock creatures. So I stayed out of the hole in the woods. You should never go into dark holes.Hickory-Run-Hole
We found great rocks with beautiful color to accent them.Great-Rock-Cliff
The fall is so magical, it can make the forest look like a fairy tale. In it’s midst is a great tree with the sun coming through. And the mountains are beautiful.Hickory-Run-MagicGreat-Tree Hickory-Run-MountainsHawk-Falls-Puddle
Even as the season dies the leaves have to get noticed. Here’s one hanging to what it’s got. It’s not dropping off without a fight. Some days it’s tough to hold on. Some days you smash to the bottom, and that’s that! Here’s to hanging on for dear life!Lonely-Leaf-1 Lonely-Leaf-2
Then we found some leaves that made cool abstract designs, appropriate as the beauty of summer and fall becomes barren and freezing cold.Hickory-Run-Abstract-1 Hickory-Run-Abstract-2

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