Men In Skirts

Celtic-Classic-1Well what do you think? Are they hot? As a person from Irish decent, and a tad of Scottish thrown in for good measure, I think I have a right to say what I want about it.
I never got it. I never got it.
But without being tooooo critical, Bethlehem had it’s huge Celtic Classic. It was a mob scene. Men in skirts everywhere. Even the male visitors came in kilts. There were lot’s of events but I couldn’t get close enough to get close-ups, which is what I wanted. But the pipe bands were great. They all looked sharp despite their skirts.
My father came here from Ireland when he was 20, a very long time ago. He cried a lot. So I have to tell you, my embrace of all things Irish is a little light. We tried to tell him just about nothing since he would just start crying every time. If we got in trouble we didn’t tell him if it was possible. Not out of fear of punishment, we just could not take all of the crying. It was awful. He’d listen to Irish music, drink beer, and cry.
One day I had to go to court over a minor incident and I thought I would need a ride home, so I had to tell him and take him. The sergeant that testified, lied. I already thought they would take my license away, but this guy made stuff up just to make it worse. I panicked and screamed out “That’s a lie!” and started crying (well I am my father’s daughter). Then, my father looked at me and he started crying. The judge looked at both of us and knew no one could fake this embarrassing display, and gave me a most ridiculously low fine. I’m sure it was just to screw the lying officer. I walked out of there thinking, “Gee I didn’t have to tell my father at all.” But thinking back the crying really did came in handy, for once. Erin Go Bragh! Let’s all toast the waterworks!
Anyway, my experience with my heritage is a wet and embarrassing one.
I’m sure I’m in the minority, at least I hope I am.
In any case, Celtic Classic was a fun festival but it stirred up some uncomfortable though funny memories.Celtic-Classic-2 Celtic-Classic-3 Celtic-Classic-4 Celtic-Classic-5 Celtic-Classic-6 Celtic-Classic-7 Celtic-Classic-8 Celtic-Classic-9 Celtic-Classic-10 Celtic-Classic-11

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  1. Maybe next time I will cry when traffic police about to fine me…what a funny experience – sorry, I can’t help to laugh all the way when reading your post!
    BTW, can you distinguish the Irish kilt and the Scottish kilt? I wonder, sometimes the patterns looked alike..

    1. No I can’t. I didn’t know there was a difference. But now I do. Like I said, my father cried a lot and told me next to nothing about his youth in Ireland. But it looks like a nice place to visit.

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