Death In The Land Of Bridges, Churches, And Wires

Pittston-Bridge-1There once was a little tree that had big ambitions. He was different than the other trees that accompanied him on the river bank. And he grew taller too. Everyone that came to the park said “Ooo what a nice tree. It’s different than the others.” “Yeah, I noticed that too.” Or something like that.Pittston-Bridge-2
He basked in the sunshine and reached upwards, higher and higher. He thought he could touch the sun.
Then one day he caught a fungus and died. No one knew how it happened but darn he still looks good even in death. Just look how brilliant he is. He still makes the park look great in his new bright orange. Orange is very popular these days, especially on Netflix.
Now when people come to the park they say “Wow! IT’S DEADER THAN A DOORNAIL! DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! Well at least it went out in a blaze of glory.” But the ax man doth cometh for all eventually. Here today and gone tomorrow.
Oh well.
So the good people of the community erected a piece of fine art in it’s honor. They did such a great interpretation of the special tree’s ambitions. See how the tree is running with it’s hair ablaze as if he caught the sun that’s in the background. Brilliant!Pittston-Bridge-3
Then they planted lovely flowers in honor of the unique but dead tree.Pittston Flower
It’s a nice, thoughtful community with many churches, lots of wires, and a dead tree that still looks pretty hot.Pittston-Churches

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  1. 🙂 humorous post with great images, the opening and closing images are brilliant! I was laughing hard at the line – “Orange is very popular these days, especially on Netflix.” 😀 😀

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