A Bunny’s Missing Ear: A Tragic Tale

Bunny-Rabbit-1There once was bunny that just couldn’t get a decent nap.
He tried and tried, but all of the noise kept him awake. “Oooo, he’s so cute!” “Oooo, can I pick him up?” Why, why won’t they leave him alone, he thought.Bunny-Rabbit-2
So he concocted a very devious plan. (Some people don’t know how cunning bunnies can be. But I do. A giant one tried to kill me once. It was very crafty and slipped out of the house before my father could find him. But I’ve always known, from that day on, we are being watched.)
This bunny knew that people like cute perfect little bunnies so he pretended there was something wrong with his ear. He was able to keep one down all of the time. And people thought, “Wow what’s wrong with his ear? It looks kind of weird.”
See, he was crafty. He even pretended that it fell off once and sent some of his friends on a wild goose chase (literally) to find it. Some of his friends aren’t real bright.Ducks-1Chickens-1
They looked over here and they looked over there and when they thought they were getting close they staged a guard at the spot and went to bed for the night.Duck-2
At first light they came back and resumed their search for the missing audible device.First-LightDucks-3
Suddenly one of his friends noticed that he really didn’t lose it at all. But he thought it was pretty funny the way the others seemed to be on a mission, and he wouldn’t have to hear their incessant quacking for a while.Goat-1
The bunny explained he needed some sleep and the goat told him his secret was safe with him, after all, he could just scream at people and they’d run away, bunnies can do that. That’s because they’re cute.Bunny-Rabbit-3
Finally the cute little bunny with the weird ear could get some sleep.Bunny-Rabbit-4

So the moral of the story is: well…uhhh…let’s see, I had these cool pictures and I had to do something with them. Good enough.
But you really should beware of cute rabbits, they could kill you.

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