Car-Show-1Possibly the last car show of the season and my favorite. It was at Nay Aug Park in Scranton Pennsylvania and was smaller than the others but had more unique cars than I’ve seen before.
It was great!
Look at this replica of the child’s toy car next to it. The guy built it from scratch. I’ve never seen anything like it. The steering wheel was huge! I have no idea how he did it. It was so high we couldn’t look inside.
This time there were some great hot rods from the dawn of creation. Every one of them was in pristine condition.
And these folks were fun. We had a baby screaming to be set free (well, all the world over people want to be free, some great philosophers taught us that years ago), another child was terribly distraught over fixing the car…again (the government should step in, since this kid is clearly too young to work, and the language, where did he get that from?). Then there was a car within a car, just like the Charger it was in. (Maybe we’re all really inside another universe. Maybe we’re in the Twilight Zone. It certainly would explain a lot.)
And there was a dog that just wanted a good meal. This dog, kept looking right at me as I got set and just as I was about to click the picture he turned and laid down on the back of the car, totally bored, and completely ignored me. I called and called and he just ignored me. How he toyed with me, as if he was posing for the shot, and then, blew me off. Just like that! Unbelievable! Maybe he had his picture taken one time too many, I just don’t know. But, since he was so cute I’ll let it go. Life is too short to hold grudges, especially against the canine crowd.Car-Show-1a Car-Show-2 Car-Show-3 Car-Show-4 Car-Show-5 Car-Show-6 Car-Show-7 Car-Show-8 Car-Show-9 Car-Show-10 Car-Show-11 Car-Show-12 Car-Show-13

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