Thugs Seize Bowling Alleys Of America!

Bowling-Alley-Boys-CFWell this just can’t be good!
The Bowling Times, Your Source For Daily Paranoia, has just published a warning for all bowlers in America and should be taken seriously:

GOVERNMENT WARNING! A insolent looking gang of thugs have seized the bowling alleys of America. They were founded by a couple of pinheads that were tired of having heavy objects thrown at them. The “Dark Alley Boys” have organized many chapters in all fifty states. They said they simply “refuse to play ball. We’re tired of the abuse. We’re going on strike! We won’t take it lying down any longer!”
The government has no idea what to do with those that won’t cooperate. It’s requesting the public’s help with ideas.
“This really could lead to national anarchy!”

Well there you have it. While bowling teams are starting up for the season, bowlers really should consider staying home, quivering in a dark corner and hope they don’t find you. Or you could be kind to you fellow teammates and send them this funny card or postcard as a warning to ponder.
Get the Bowling Alley Boys cards (with the warning), t-shirts, and plenty more gifts at Zazzle.
They’re lot’s of fun for bowlers.Bowling-Alley-Boys-Cardbowling_alley_boy_tshirts bowling_alley_boys_ornaments

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