Let The Music Play

Quiet-Valley-Crafts-1The Pocono State Craft Festival was held last weekend at Quiet Valley. (Although, I didn’t know Pocono was a state, but okay.) This year was the best I’ve been to. They had a swing band that was terrific. I motioned to the trumpet player my camera and he really went to town for me. I was so thrilled and thanked him. The crafts were wonderful but the band was the big hit of the show. When they started played John Philip Sousa music you just had to stop and listen.
The crafts were some of the best I’ve seen. How about that bird house down below? Have you ever seen anything like it? And then the shoes! Amazing! There were a few craftsmen working, but not too many. Most were selling and talking to the customers.
There was a real friendly lady sewing. I said I was going to take her picture. She said she gets that a lot but doesn’t know why (she was joking). I said it was because she was sooo good-looking. She cracked up laughing and I managed to get that beautiful smile.
It was a good day.
Here’s the website for The Pocono State Craft Festival in 2016.Quiet-Valley-Crafts-2 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-3 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-4 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-5 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-6 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-7 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-8 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-9 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-10 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-11 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-12 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-13 Quiet-Valley-Crafts-14

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