Nothing Like A Good Tomato Fight

Tomato-Festival-1Everyone should be drenched in tomatoes at least once in their lives. Or at least vicariously, by watching others and then telling everyone you were there.
Ahh, the lies, oh, I mean lives, we live.
Well WE WERE THERE! at the 32nd Annual Pittston Tomato Festival in Pittston, Pennsylvania, the Tomato Capital of the World (oh yes it is, look it up!!!). It’s a 4 day event, with a parade (these folks really celebrate tomatoes), music, a race, lot’s of really good food, and the world-famous Tomato Fight. There were people there from different states just to throw tomatoes. Amazing!
So here is my messy vicarious “experience”:

Calm Before the StormTomato-Festival-2
Compadres Setting UpTomato-Festival-3
And So It BeginsTomato-Festival-5
And Goes OnTomato-Festival-6
And OnTomato-Festival-7
And OnTomato-Festival-9
Closing In On The End (notice in spite of the MESS!!! someone is on the phone)Tomato-Festival-10
You Would Think Only The Young Were Involved. You would be wrong.Tomato-Festival-11
Behold the victims. May they rest In peace.Tomato-Festival-12
Attack-of-the-killer-tomatoes-1But on the other hand, maybe we should consider that events like these could have been the reason some vicious fruity hooligans went on the attack many years ago. The events were documented in a very informative movie “The Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes”, you may have seen it (if not you should, it may save your life one day). It was a tragic tale of murder and mayhem.
Maybe we provoked them. It’s an unsettling thought, but maybe we should think it. Look, when people come from other states to throw tomatoes at each other and it’s still a year away from the election, what does that tell you? Well???
I really think we should watch our step, especially since the tomato goop was all over the place.

In any case should you desire to release some hostility this looked like a lot of fun.
Here’s the website for the Annual Pittston Tomato Festival.

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    1. As I under stand it, within an hour afterwords the parking lot is returned to normal. It must be the magic clean-up fairy that swoops in that fast. What a mess.

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