Bobbles, Bangles, And Bling At Das Awkscht Fescht

Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-1One thing you have to say about classic cars, they sure knew how to dress for success. Here’s a small sampling of the ornaments and accessories that classed up the cars at Das Awkscht Fescht. They really were big hits with everyone.
Of course you always have a visionary that’s a little ahead of his time as the last photograph shows. And here you were thinking Big Bird was created by Sesame Street in the 60s. Nope! He goes way back before our time. But while the other ornaments slipped away Big Bird went on to stardom. Proving that you just never know what will happen when you put yourself out there. And as you can see, he’s really out there. You’re big break may be right around the corner.

Here’s the link for Das Awkscht Fescht for next year.Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-2 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-3 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-4 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-5 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-6 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-7 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-8 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-9 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-10 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-11 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-12 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-13 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-14 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-15 Das-Awkscht-Ornaments-16

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