Das Awkscht Fescht 2015 Made Me Mad

Das-Awkscht-1Well, maybe just a little disgusted.
As you can tell I love classic cars. This year at Das Awkscht Fescht in Macungie, Pennsylvania there were classic cars galore. There were soooo many they had them squished in soooo tight it was difficult to get clean shots of my favorites. There was so much junk around them, chairs, bags, etc., that I had to work forever in Photoshop to take out the garbage. And then there were the signs. Each car has a sign that states the owner, model, year of the car, and their placed in the windows. Last year they were white, which blended in and didn’t destroy the photograph. This year they were hot pink. They are the first and only think your eye goes to. Who thought that up? FIRE HIM!!! I was able to take out some, lighten some, but for too many, it was hopeless.
I love these cars, they’re like eye candy to me. This year, it was like someone poured water on the candy and they were all stuck together. It all could have been avoided. This year there were many more classic cars than the newer hot, muscle cars. They should have given them more room.
Ultimately they really should’ve consulted me. But no one ever even bothered to call me, and I just don’t know why.

Here’s the link for Das Awkscht Fescht for next year. I’ll be waiting by my phone for next year Das Awkscht, call me.

I’ll be putting up a post on the cool ornaments on these great cars next. There were too many for one post.Das-Awkscht-2 Das-Awkscht-3 Das-Awkscht-4 Das-Awkscht-5 Das-Awkscht-6 Das-Awkscht-7 Das-Awkscht-8 Das-Awkscht-9 Das-Awkscht-10 Das-Awkscht-11 Das-Awkscht-12 Das-Awkscht-13Das-Awkscht-14 Das-Awkscht-15

8 thoughts on “Das Awkscht Fescht 2015 Made Me Mad

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  1. A person has got to have respect for the older things – for one thing they’re STILL around. Kidding aside – I’d rather have one of these old classics than one of the cookie-cutter cars of today. It’s gotten so I can’t tell who the manufacturer is – they all look alike.

  2. I can understand your misery, I will be frustrated as well, yes, they were too close to each other! I have to say though, some images here are pretty brilliant, you did great job regardless the constraint you faced 🙂

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