“1940s Weekend” at Eckley Miners’ Village

Eckley-1940-13Eckley Miners’ Village had another great “1940s Weekend”. This year was better than last. Lot’s of characters in uniform and plenty of machinery. This year there were many more young people involved. This is good news for their effort to remember World War II and the sacrifices that so many made. Amazingly to me they wanted to have their pictures taken. Although I shouldn’t have been amazed, they’re young people, that’s what they do. But I’ve never felt so brave. One young man even felt left out since hardly anyone saw where he was stationed and neglected to photograph him. He did look great though, so it’s their loss. They all looked great. But tell me, don’t you think the last guy here looks like a young Marlon Brando? He does doesn’t he?
These folks aren’t just for show either, they’re very informative as well. They knew the equipment and readily explained it to us.
They also had planned a grand 1940s Swing Dance Saturday night. I didn’t attend but I’ll bet it was a great hit. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed visiting Eckley, but this year was one of their best.
If you’re in the area stop by. Here’s the website for Eckley Miners’ Village.Eckley-1940-1 Eckley-1940-2 Eckley-1940-3 Eckley-1940-4 Eckley-1940-5 Eckley-1940-6 Eckley-1940-7 Eckley-1940-8 Eckley-1940-9 Eckley-1940-10 Eckley-1940-11 Eckley-1940-12Eckley-1940-14Eckley-1940-15Eckley-1940-16

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