Walk Through The Windows

Wilkes-Barre-1Went for a brief walk in Wilkes Barre in the main part of town. It’s been hit hard by the economy over the years, as well as a ton of crime. But it’s trying to recover. It’s hard to do since the thrust of too many governments is towards socialism and the culture towards anarchy. Death knells for the cities that are inflicted with them.
I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly.
There were great reflections in the windows. They’re always fun. And of course there was always someone who just has to have his picture taken. It’s really a “selfie” age when even the animals pose to have their picture taken, and at a stop light no less.Wilkes-Barre-2 Wilkes-Barre-3 Wilkes-Barre-4 Wilkes-Barre-5 Wilkes-Barre-6 Wilkes-Barre-7 Wilkes-Barre-8 Wilkes-Barre-9 Wilkes-Barre-10 Wilkes-Barre-12 Wilkes-Barre-13 Wilkes-Barre-Dog

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