We Must Be Mad!

The world has truly gone mad!Mad-Mouse-Card


Well you know what they say? Do we really?

We listen to people who we don’t know, or if they even exist, but they always have something to say. Who are these people that know so much? Who are these people that everyone quotes? Who are they that always tell us what to do, what to eat, how to live? And how do they know my mother? How do they know what she used to say? How do they know if she talked a lot or not? And how do they know if she agrees with them or not? I can’t remember the half of what she said so how can they? They seem to have so much to say, yet no one seems to know who they are. They seem to know everything, and amazingly, we listen to them.
We must be mad.

How do they know that I’ll catch a cold if I don’t wear a hat?
Do colds come in through the top of our skulls?
I don’t know about that.
How do they know what we should eat and drink?

They always told us eggs were bad for us, but now they say they’re not, it’s the pies and cakes we have to watch out for. Why are we listening to people that can’t make up their minds? Clearly at the very least, they’re confused.

Then they tell us if we don’t use our brain we’ll lose it, “use it or lose it” they say. Well how can that happen? Unless you have a literal hole in your head, possibly one caused by that cold virus you caught when you didn’t wear a hat, then maybe your brain matter could leak out. But how much brain matter do we actually have considering we’re listening to people we don’t know, have never seen, and may not even exist?

How do they know a horse won’t drink if you lead it to water? It will if you shove it’s head into it. How do they know whether or not you can’t have your cake and eat it too? What do they know about cake? If you can’t have cake and how about pie, cherry pie? Hmmm…? 

And have they ever really fought City Hall? How do they know it can’t be done? (I think the president can.) They probably work for the government and are just trying to keep us in line. 

How do they know that two wrongs don’t make a right? Do they know if two rights make a wrong or not? They never say anything about that. Why? Because THEY DON’T KNOW!
They’ve always told us there was no such thing as a free lunch. See!!! Proof they don’t know what they’re talking about. Every kid in America is getting a free lunch today and lot’s of other free stuff too. See it can be done! 

They say beggars can’t be choosers. Oh yes they can and are!!! Some were absolute demanders in the food pantry I worked in. Some were down right nasty and drove very expensive cars much better than mine. How’d that happen? Hmmm…?

I think I’ve made my case that we shouldn’t listen to these people, whoever they are. Have their supposed wisdom ever been tested? Is it government approved? Has our esteemed Congress held any of their fabulously informative hearings on them? These people claim to know about food, habits, politics, and much, much more. If they’re the ones we should listen to, shouldn’t it be required for them to be voted on? Let them show their faces and put their names up for election, unless of course they’re RUSSIANS.

My mother listened to them but she may have been brainwashed, which explains how they know so much about her. She never told me why I should listen to them. But I need real answers. I’ve trusted a lot of people that seemed to be smart, but they weren’t. I’ve worn hats and still caught colds. How could that be? So why should I trust faceless illuminati that no one seems to know? Who did they study under? Maybe we should find that person and listen to him. But then, how do we know he knows what he’s talking about?
This is so frustrating.
Some days make me want to SCREAM!

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