A Blast From The Past

Kutztown-Folk-1We went to Kutztown Folk Festival last weekend and despite the rain when we left the house it was clearing as we arrived. They were hit hard this year with a lot of rain. I’m sure the vendors were hurt on a number of days. But when it cleared the crowds came out. It’s a great festival to buy gifts and crafts from another time, eat delicious food, and enjoy the demonstrations.

This year I was interested in people as much as possible and I wanted to make the photographs look like they were from times past and monochrome. As usual most people would simply not get out of my way, but I expected that, after all, I forgot to send the memo that I was coming. So how could they possibly have known my plans. But we did see and meet some very friendly people despite their roadblock imitations. I thought it was funny, that many of the folks in costume had phones visible in their pockets. It was a cool place to see the times collide.

Here’s the link to the Kutztown Folk Festival.Kutztown-Folk-2 Kutztown-Folk-3 Kutztown-Folk-4 Kutztown-Folk-5 Kutztown-Folk-6 Kutztown-Folk-7 Kutztown-Folk-8 Kutztown-Folk-9 Kutztown-Folk-10 Kutztown-Folk-11 Kutztown-Folk-12 Kutztown-Folk-13 Kutztown-Folk-14 Kutztown-Folk-15 Kutztown-Folk-16

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