The Right To Bear/Bare Arms Explained

2nd-Amendment-Rabbit-CardIn this country we have the “right to bear arms.” But what does that mean?
Pay close attention because this is very important.
We have here our little rabbit friend from the local 2nd Amendment Club to demonstrate.

First of all, it means we have the right to have weapons to defend ourselves. This was written purposely, because the writers of the Bill Of Rights had suffered under a tyrannical government, fought back, and overthrew it. They wanted us to be assured we can do the same if our government becomes tyrannical. Hmmm…that train may have left the station, but let’s continue on.

Second we have the “right to bare arms.” That’s right, in this country we have the right to show off those biceps. We can wear sleeveless shirts all we want. Even the First Lady agrees with this interpretation of The Bill Of Rights (this issue really has brought the country together, left and right, amazing). But not all countries have such a document. Some countries want women covered from head to foot. Those poor women can hardly breathe in there let alone see where they’re walking. They might be charged with a crime if they showed their arms, even if they looked darn good.

But not here. Women are free here. We like our arms and we like them bared. They look especially good while holding a firearm that really breathes fire, like this one. I know how hot this rifle is because it lights my pellet stove all winter long and has for many years. And doesn’t this hot little bunny look good in my sunglasses too? Well, everyone looks good in sunglasses, especially if you’ve been out all night doing…something. We’ll leave that alone for now.
But we do live in a great country. This is the land of the free and the home of we’ll wear what ever we want.

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