Bear Creek Falls And The Flood

Bear-Creek-Falls-1Bear Creek Falls has water again. Water has returned in a big way to Northeast Pennsylvania. Now it’s the opposite, many are flooded. Their basements are flooded. Roads are flooded and falling apart, but then they have been for years. PennDOT SUCKS Big Time! Everything is flooded.

Floods sometimes makes us remember the Biblical flood. (I think we can still mention that without being arrested, but maybe not, we’ll see.)
The Biblical description of the flood sounds like an atomic bomb hit, and it destroyed all living things that were not on the ark. Genesis 7:11
Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. God saved eight undeserving people through the flood. Grace by it’s very nature is undeserved. No one deserves God’s forgiveness for their sins. He created us, we are His property, we sinned against Him quickly after creation, and He promised a Savior. He determined before the foundation of the world to save us from our sins through Jesus Christ. Ephesians 1:4

After the atomic bomb-like flood waters receded, God promised not to destroy all living things again by water. He put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise. (It really has nothing to do with homosexuality. Sorry. I hope I don’t get arrested for saying that.)
The flood, ark, and rainbow are types of forgiveness of sins given to us through Baptism into Christ leading to the resurrection of the living. It’s also sign of God’s judgement, that will come at the end of the age. It will be utter condemnation for those outside of the ark, that is, Jesus Christ. 1Peter 3:20-21

It is a shame that a sign of God’s forgiveness for sin, a great kindness to us, is now being used to proclaim that sin is good and needs no repentance. We are all born in sin, there is no one good, no one is exempt from that indictment, and Jesus died for all sin. There is no need to lose eternal life. Unless we all repent we will in no way escape. Luke 13:5
God has been reconciled to us by the death of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Be reconciled to God. Romans 5Bear-Creek-Falls-2 Bear-Creek-Falls-3 Bear-Creek-Falls-4 Bear-Creek-Falls-5 Bear-Creek-Falls-6

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