Longtime Mystery Solved

Wilkes-Barre-Church-1We visited a small festival in Wilkes-Barre that seemed to be a waste of our time. It was a dreary day besides. But we made the best of a boring situation.
There was a cool church across the river so I took a number of shots as I got closer, and closer.Wilkes-Barre-Church-2Wilkes-Barre-Church-3Wilkes-Barre-Church-4Wilkes-Barre-Church-5
Then there was a colorful shot of a rundown city down the street from the church.Wilkes-Barre
Then we found a string of hot Vettes.Corvetttes Yellow-Corvette
And then we saw this…Chocolate-Easter-Bunny…tell me this doesn’t look like a giant chocolate Easter Bunny.
It does doesn’t it?
And it looks just like the monstrous bunny that tried to strangle me when I was very small. My father hunted all over for that would-be killer. But he never found it. I knew they could hop fast but how it got out of the house without being seen by anyone always baffled me. He was huge, how could they possibly have missed it? Are they blind? Sometimes you just got to wonder, what good are these creatures called parents? Well now, here I have proof that someone else must have seen it too and made a monument to it. Or maybe it’s a warning, like a totem pole or something like that. Maybe it lives around here. Maybe there is a race of giant rabbits (like the Bigfoots that keep showing up spooking us half to death), ready to pounce on unsuspecting little kids when they’re drifting off to sleep. At least this town is keeping a sharp eye out for them.
So a boring non-festival turned out to be an answer to a real mystery.

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