Baby You Can Drive My Car

Bloomsburg-Car-Show-1Wouldn’t you love to drive these? I would! The Dream Machines Motor Club Auto Show in Bloomsburg, PA started out our season for car shows, and they were just spectacular. It was located at the Bloomsbury Airport. The terrain was generally flat but some cars were situated pointing down a slight decline and it made it a bit difficult to get good shots looking up at the front end. Then, some of the owners had signs in front, though they were nice signs, they blocked the cars. Then, too many people would just not get out of my way, really. I waited and waited but they just wouldn’t move. Just because it’s a public show does not give them the right to block my view. But then, no one cares what I think anyway. Other than those few gripes, it was pure eye candy and I did manage to get a few good ones.

Cars today are so lacking in character. Everyone looks like it came from a cookie cutter. Whether you get a cheap car or an expensive one they all look the same. I understand aerodynamics, but that really doesn’t matter to me. If I have a rocket ship, but the speed limit is 55mph, what’s the point? If you have a rocket ship and tell me all the stats and the speed limit is 55mph, still I say so what? Not impressed. I’ve gotten enough tickets in the past in my need for speed, so these days I’m driving slower.

But the cars from the past were unique. The folks that restored them used paint and colors that they really didn’t use back then. But they are Dream Machines after all, and beautiful!
I don’t really know if they drive them around much. A rock or even a pebble could ding them and that would be heartbreaking. These folks put a lot of work into their restorations.
There’ll be more shows coming up soon this Summer.Bloomsburg-Car-Show-2 Bloomsburg-Car-Show-3 Bloomsburg-Car-Show-4 Bloomsburg-Car-Show-4 Bloomsburg-Auto-Show-6

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    1. Oh you’ve got that right. No more parallel parking for me. If I can’t drive straight through a parking spot I get another. I love the yellow one the best too. Good to hear from you!

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