Annoyance is just so…annoying

Business-Man-PlaqueAnnoyance /  əˈnoi-əns / noun
•the feeling or state of being annoyed; irritation:
“a look of annoyance on his face”
“annoyance at government interference”
“he turned his charm on Tara, much to Herbert’s annoyance”
•a thing that annoys someone; a nuisance:
“the Council found him an annoyance.”

annoy  /  əˈnoi / verb
•irritate (someone); make (someone) a little angry:
“your damned cheerfulness has always annoyed me”
“rock music loud enough to annoy”
• archaic harm or attack repeatedly:
“a gallant Saxon, who annoyed this Coast”

Annoyance is just so…annoying. Just ask anyone that has experienced it. It’s not just businessmen, like this one here. Many people can turn positively animalistic if they’re annoyed, or at least get pretty darn grumpy.

Some people seem to be annoyed all the time. It’s almost as if they must be, they need to be. They were probably given a healthy dose of that annoyance gene in utero. Now, since the government loves spending our money so much, they should stop testing how fast ketchup comes out of a bottle and find that darn criminal annoyance gene. Look at how many marriages would be saved. Look how many children would actually like their parents…in the teen years. Oh yes, that discovery would be a true service to humanity. Of course we would probably put a lot of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists out of  business. But there are lot’s of other vocations they could choose from. So many others have been forced into new vocations due to outsourcing/offshoring why not therapists too? If a therapist got a job flipping burgers just think the benefit they would bring to their fellow employs that were formerly IT specialists or some other professional, but now they’re not. It would go a long way to quelling any suicidal thoughts. They could explain to them, “See, when life closes a door in your face, it really hurts.” It’s all so annoying.

In any case, getting rid of annoyance at the genetic level would be a big step towards not getting annoyed. It’s just not rock science.

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