A Recent Visit To Nay Aug Gorge

Nay-Aug-Gorge-1A recent visit to Nay Aug Gorge in Scranton, PA revealed much beauty and the unfortunate darker side of some hikers. Of course there is a darker side in the wilderness, because it’s dark and hides the sun a lot of the time. So that’s understandable. But it certainly has unsavory effects on some that dare to enter.

But first of all, it’s a really cool gorge that can be viewed from many angles, even from high above. They built a terrific treehouse that overlooks everything. You can see it here from across the gorge.
And even in the midst of this beauty some just can’t get off the phone. Amazing! Some people have a lot to say, I guess.












But then I found this!Sadistic-Murder
Who did this malicious act of violence? Simply dreadful! Who would do such a thing to this poor creature? Was it the person on the phone who seems to be uncaring of his surroundings? Or is that just too obvious a choice? Was the perpetrator still in the wilderness? Were they watching us? We didn’t know but took this unfortunate act of violence as a sign to escape while we were still breathing.
Life is filled with mysteries.
Some things will remain unknown.

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