Sometimes I Just Want To Scream!!!

Scream-CardScreaming can be good for your health. It’s government approved, that is, generally you’re not put in jail for it. Although it may not be that good for anyone in your path. While it may make you feel better for a while, you could lose some friends over it. Life is filled with these risks. What you scream is entirely up to you, but there are some things maybe you shouldn’t say at the time that you want to scream. These things are generally called “THE TRUTH!!!” That doesn’t always go over well. See, it’s all a risk.

But most agree, some people really should be screamed at. Just like some people really need a good neck-wringing. And some family members really should be locked in the attic at least until they’re 80ish. Then there should be a meeting of all involved as to whether or not they should be released. If they’re dead, they should be released, but that’s obvious. If they’re not, it will take some deliberation. Screaming at them a little more may help, if you have the energy. You probably won’t. That stuff really dissipates faster as you get older.

Some people claim there is an energy vitamin but there’s not, it’s all a lie. You either have energy or you don’t. But searching for that illusive energy pill does create business and jobs. So the claims probably are not without merit and they do some good.
In any case by the time you’re that old, just eat chocolate with a good bottle of wine and maybe a fine cigar. That will definitely numb the annoyance of the person you’re unleashing on the public again. And then just savor your fleeting memories of when you actually had the energy to scream.

Isn’t it good that blogs have been created so we can pass these great truths on to those that come after us?

You can get the funny Scream cards, ornaments, t-shirts and more at Zazzle.


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