Sometimes It’s Best To Play Dead

Black-White-Penguins-PlaqueIt’s always good to have a friend to give you sound advice, someone to tell you when it’s time to duck. Like these two little penguins. It’s pretty obvious what the tall one is telling the other. Body language is so revealing.

Let’s listen in:
“Sometimes hiding is your best option.” Oh, I can certainly relate to that. I have hiding down to an art form. Hiding is similar to ‘ducking’, but not quite the same. Ducking prevents headaches, so it’s good to know when someone is going to throw a shoe, or something like that, at you. Then there’s ‘playing dead’. That’s a little tricky if you’re not, since holding your breath for extended periods of time is required.
All three of these life-saving actions can be developed and excelled at, if you just put your mind to it. We must be positive. They’re sure to extend your life. Just look at how it works for penguins, they live until they die. That’s pretty long. There are lot’s of varieties of penguins and their life spans are all in that range.

So what can we learn from observing these cute little penguins:
1- They’re careful.
2- The ones you see are still alive.
Penguins are just amazing!

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