Hawk Falls, All To Myself

Hickory-Run-State-ParkThe crowds haven’t come yet to go swimming. It was nice and quiet. One other couple with there with their dog, but that was all. Nice. There was plenty of color and the humidity had not cranked up yet.
Since no one was there I was able to get shots from the top of the falls. It was great. Hickory Run State Park and Hawk Falls seems to be recovering from the destruction of two traumatic events. About 10 years ago there was an outrageous ice storm that devastated the area. Some trees looked like a chain saw cut them in half. Some were bent over so bad they never straightened out. And for a number of years after the event the trees kept dying.
Then we were smacked with Hurricane Sandy. It wasn’t as bad as New Jersey and New York, but since the trees were so weakened from the ice storm, it really made a mess of things. The forest looked awful for years.
But that was then.
And the earth has a wonderful self-healing property built-in by our Creator.
And new life comes.
You can still see a lot of dead trees in the water, but at least they’re not blocking the waterfalls any longer, and the color is back.Hawk-Falls-3











7 thoughts on “Hawk Falls, All To Myself

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  1. These really are stunning. And having been at similar places I envy the fact that you were there ALONE! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. That will probably be the last time. I was surprised they weren’t swimming in the water yet. Moms will be coming in with the kids and beach towels real soon. But it was great.

      1. Too isolated & hide among unremarkable landscapes fir most people to notice… I used to take naps under a bridge, cars driving over my head. I could only hear the stream: bliss!

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