A Different Kind Of Farm Report

Greener-GoatNot all the reports of the animals among us are true. From nursery rhymes to the Farm Report there has been a lot of misunderstanding. Here are a few corrections about the animals, some in their own words. Many of their thoughts are deep, ideological, even sexual, some aren’t very deep at all.
First, this goat noticed that the grass on the other side really is greener, proving the old proverb true. Greener grass makes better pie. Smart.
He’s a true capitalist.

The colorful duck knew how to strut, he thought he was pretty cool, oh…I meant, hot…and he was.Hot-Duck

The penguins don’t do anything. They just wait for handouts. They’re socialist penguins. They know where their fish comes from.Socialist-Penguins

The little girl and the love bunny shows what everyone knows to be true, we all need somebody to love.Love-Bunny

The dirty little piggies make us say…Awwww! But I wonder what they’re dreaming about. Hmmm…FOOD!Baby-Pigs

These two ostriches were quite busy doing “something” when we walked up, and now they wonder if anyone saw. Well yeah! Everyone saw! How could we miss it! I mean, it was right out there!Sexy-Ostriches

Then we ran into a lot of cool sheep. They may have socialist tendencies, but it’s hard to tell with them. One was very private and shy, one was inquisitive and hungry, some were simply too tired to follow anyone including Mary. She could go wherever she wants to go, they couldn’t care less.

Private Sheep





And lastly, there was this nasty looking attack cat. I didn’t bother him too much since he looked a little annoyed with me. He’s a true-blue walking selfie. It’s all about him and that’s all there is to it.Attack-Cat

Hopefully this clarifies the misinformation about these animals. There will be another report soon.

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