Was Rube Goldberg The Real Builder Of Bushkill Falls?

Bushkill-Falls-1It’s a working theory. Bushkill Falls is a series of falls and canyons in North Eastern Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful area. There are many miles of trails and 8 falls to visit. And it has a maze of fabulous walkways. We were there last week, which was a little too early for the leaves. So the waterfalls as grand as they are, had a barren frame. We only did a small part of the park due to pain but it was a beautiful day and the bugs were not out yet.

I love walkways, paths, and stairways. Paths are so inviting, they seem to speak all on their own to come and follow. These are the best I’ve seen. They’re, beautiful and convoluted at the same time. They seem to me to be influenced by Rube and even a little Escher influence thrown in for good measure.

Of course you do have to put up with the crowds (that will absolutely not get out of the way), but who can blame them. Soon the bugs will be out too but so will the color, so we have to take the good with the bad and with the ugly.

Here’s the link for Bushkill Falls if you’re in the area. You’ll enjoy it.
















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