Fish Have Problems Too

Land-of-FishI’ve studied fish a lot. So I’ve decided to interview my fish to see if there was anything that actually went on in their minds. Well, as we have observed, there’s a lot of nothing going on in a lot of human minds these days, so I thought I would try aquatic life. They seem to just swim back and forth, and back and forth. Almost like squirrels except they’re not so annoying. They can actually make it to the end of the tank and back without having a psychotic breakdown.

Most of them couldn’t be bothered with me, but some were quite friendly and chatty. It was interesting to find that they had some of the same gripes and thoughts that I could relate to. So I recorded a few prime moments and thoughts in their own words:

Holy-Mackerel-PlaqueWell did you know that? I’ll bet you bought the government’s lie about what a healthy diet is. They’re wrong a lot.

Golden-Goldfish-CardEveryone know this. It’s common knowledge that we all look good in gold.

Lonely-Fish-ButtonWe learned all about needing a little help from our friends way back in the ’60s. Those great philosophers from England explained it well.

Algae-Fish-CardHere we see how the government picks winners and losers. These guys are planning on a big payday.

Fish-Sells-Algae-CardAlgae for energy? Well Alllright! I always loved the Beatles, can’t you just hear them now: “Baby you can drive my car,” oh yeah, I’m gonna be a STAAARRR!!! and rich too.

Fish-Questions-CardIt sounds like a freakin’ atomic bomb in there. Give these poor guys a break would you?

Fish-PlanEven fish are planning revolts these days. Everybody wants something for nothing. Work? Oh, hell no!

Fish-WondersSome fish are just like some humans, they think the grass is always greener on the other side, or in this case wetter.

Well I had no idea what I was in for. These fish had a lot on their little minds.
But regardless they’re not getting any cake.

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