The Pinhead Problem Has Just Gotten Bigger

Pinhead's-Revenge-CardIran isn’t our biggest problem.
No it’s not!
Little did anyone know that in many dark alleys in our fair land of the free, there are stashed many weapons of mass destruction. Really!
Bowling-WarThere are many creatures that some would call “Pinheads” (even though that is a very mean name to call anyone). These outcasts are plotting to overthrow the status quo (but who could blame them). They’re going to fight for the little guy, the real little, little guys, littler than little people. Well, the government isn’t fighting for them. No they sure aren’t. The government is busy making more of them.
So now that there are so many of them, little guys that is, they’re taking matters into their own hands.
And this isn’t going to be any idiotic Occupy Wall Street Crap-In either.
No sir. These little guys have very big ideas.

They’re tired of having heavy objects thrown at them. And they’re tired of being cursed at if they don’t let themselves get hit. Who in their right mind would stand still and let someone knock you over?
No one, right?
But times have surely changed.
These Pinheads have determination, guts, and guns, very big guns! That last one will surely seal the deal.
Tonight it’s WAR!
They know every nook and cranny of these dark alleys better than butter knowns every nook and cranny of English Muffins.
The invading terrorists with their heavy objects will regret going out tonight.
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