The Evil Easter Bunny: A Disturbing Children’s Fairy Tale


The Easter Bunny community is up in arms. It seems that one of their offspring came out deformed. He doesn’t have the Easter Bunny generosity gene. He’s a renegade, a punk, a black sheep. It’s hard for the community to admit it, but one of their own is a selfish little brat, and won’t share his chocolate!
Really! Whoever heard of such a thing?
He even despised the production of chocolate. He steals the produce, but won’t help make it. This is so unusual.

The National Council of Easter Bunnies was understandably disturbed. This will certainly sully the well earned good name of The National Easter Bunny community. 

His parents have tried everything. Tough love. Boot Camp. They even contemplated calling
one of those TV doctors, but had second thoughts since this little brat is probably beyond their capabilities. Many in the community, privately, have actually called him evil. They may be right, but a bit premature, since there hasn’t been a trial yet. It will be held tomorrow, and then it will be determined if this bunny is of the proper caliber to be a real professional Easter Bunny. If not, as many suspect, he will be banished from the community, away from their production of chocolate. He will be exposed to the natural elements…supermarkets, grocery stores, delicatessens, classy restaurants, and many other places that little bunnies fear.
He may, oh have mercy, become someone’s dinner. 

All because he wouldn’t share his chocolate. 

Well, we’ll see what the esteemed judges decide. While we hope for the best for the little brat, the good name of the Easter Bunny Association must be protected at all costs. Otherwise, what would parents tell their children? “Here honey, have some chocolate that we bought at the Super Duper Market.” Oh, that sounds just great. And what about the Easter Egg Hunts? Where did the Easter Eggs come from? Not the Easter Bunnies…no one believes in them anymore. All because some nasty Easter Bunny yelled at some poor unsuspecting little kid, “Get Your Own Chocolate!” The kid may be scarred for life.

So you see, while it may appear to be a small insignificant thing, a bratty Easter Bunny, the worlds could actually collide.
We’ll hope for the best and keep you posted.  

You can get the funny, albeit disturbing, Evil Easter Bunny t-shirts, gifts, and the card with the
whole story inside at Zazzle.


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