Last Gasp of Winter

What a year. I can’t take any more Global Warming! Shoveling, shoveling, shoveling! Everyone’s back is shot! Chiropractors surely had a good year. Salt and sand producers too. The New England area was whammed. We don’t really know if it’s still there. There have been some reports that they are, but we must wait to be sure. We all know how rumors get started. Before you know it Al Gore will be out there telling us how the Polar Bears were smothered to death and it’s the Republicans fault. And we’ve been blamed for enough delusional stuff lately.

Here are some photographs mostly from Bear Creek Falls. The problem is the falls hasn’t had water flowing over it for a long time, since the area was too dry. I was hoping for a lot of ice formations, but no, just a pile of snow. So I took some shots along the sides which had more interest that a pile of snow going up the wall of the “falls”.









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