Fresh Snow Covers a Multitude of Sins

Winter-PondNothing like a nice coating of fresh snow to cover over the dark, black grit from the last snowfall. I managed to get some nice photographs this time. Fresh snow is beautiful and makes me think of the forgiveness of sins. Everything is new moment by moment. Ultimately, all things will be new in the resurrection. Until then, fresh snow immediately gets black and ugly, until it’s made new again.

In the Chronicles of Narnia snow was a bad thing. The White Witch made it Winter all the time. That’s is until Aslan was on the move and the Spring of resurrection began to appear  and melt the snow. Aslan of course was the Christ figure.
We see His fingerprints on creation and the promise of resurrection constantly. Everything new in this fallen world becomes old. Everything old is made new every morning as the sun and all creation speaks forth His glory and His promise to come.

I love snow.
As I watch things of this age deteriorate, especially watching the spread of ISIS as they act like the devil himself, I am reminded that our Lord Jesus Christ keeps His Word and will return, as He said, and all things will be new eternally.
To us He is slow. Yes He is.
But He will come.









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